Bonus Item: Playback (Mad Magazine does Payback)

As promised, here’s the second (and to date, final) Westlake-related parody in Mad Magazine. Dortmunder fans can take some small satisfaction in the fact that The Hot Rock got seven pages, and Payback only four, though that probably relates more to changes at Mad in the ensuing decades than to the quality of the films being spoofed. And I note with approval that they didn’t even notice Parker. It was out of theaters too fast for them to do anything with it, anyway.

I tend to agree with the artist’s unspoken assertion that the most enjoyable thing about Payback was watching Lucy Liu and Maria Bello strut their considerable stuff. And hey, the movie wasn’t that inconsistent about how much money he’s asking for. Okay, maybe it was a little. Anyway–Playback.

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6 responses to “Bonus Item: Playback (Mad Magazine does Payback)

  1. Thanks for posting this. I reminds me how much I dislike this movie. And I don’t know if “Straight Up” makes it all that much better.

    • As I mentioned in my review of same, I don’t know that it doesn’t make it a little worse. Sally Kellerman as Bronson? C’mon.

      And yet, I’ve probably watched Payback more often than all the other adaptations combined. Have I mentioned that Maria Bello is really neat? πŸ™‚

  2. Maria Bello is the bees’ knees, but her resume is deep. Even the ill-advised Prime Suspect remake had its merits. In any case, blogwise, I’m shaky on what’s next, chronologically. Wax Apple?

    • I’ve got the next two Tucker Coes all cued up–be reviewing them back to back, starting with Wax Apple–but first I’m going to review Larry Block’s new nonfiction anthology, which has some interesting things to say about Mr. Westlake, and the mystery genre, and publishing, and some juicy gossip to boot. But not about anybody living. Mr. Block won’t tell tales until you’re safely in the grave. πŸ˜‰

  3. Anthony

    Haven’t seen the movie or this parody before. Not really relevant to Westlake/Stark, but…while Angelo Torres is obviously a skilled draftsman, I have always felt that his caricatures are not quite on the mark. That’s just “not quite” Mel Gibson.

    • One misses the manic gleam in the eyes, somehow. And yeah, the facial features are wrong–for all of them, really. Though if you’ve seen the movie, you know who is who without any problem. Thing is, the characters in Payback are all intentional caricatures–the only exception is Maria Bello’s Rosie, the emotional anchor of the film, the one who keeps things honest.

      I’m surprised you’ve never seen at least random snatches of the movie, since it’s on television constantly. A very flawed piece of work, but it’s eminently watchable, give it that.

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