Okay. You’re a Cab.

Trent has the scoop. On an unpublished Westlake novel. That is going to be published.

When my mind is done boggling, I’ll try to get some deets.



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12 responses to “Okay. You’re a Cab.

  1. Greg Tulonen

    The Westlake Reviewer’s job is never done.

  2. He’s not really dead. I knew it all along. Probably prowling gas station convenience stores dressed up as Elvis. I knew I should have kept up my subscription to The Weekly Galaxy.

    (And did they ever get the body in the box? Point. Proven.)

  3. Greg Tulonen

    I’m sure you know this, but the first chapter is available now: http://hardcasecrime.com/books_bios.cgi?entry=bk169&type=excerpt

    • I literally just found out about this, and I’m working from home today. Assume nothing except that my next blog post won’t take over a year to materialize. (If I had to look at my review of Dead Girl Blues just one more time….)

      • Tom

        I’m excited to hear about the new book! And no offense to your ‘Dead Girl Blues’ post, but sweeeeeet Jesus was I getting sick of looking at that thing…. 🙄

        • If that book’s author ever comes here, I’m sure he was sick of looking at it.

          I want to do all this Hammett-related stuff here, I have ideas galore, and you know, I’m starting to think you don’t need to be a depressed alcoholic lunger shacked up with Lillian Hellman to have writer’s block.

  4. colmandk

    This is great! Not a crime in sight, but it’s wall-to-wall with Don’s charm. Thanks go to Charles Ardai, the spelunker of lost treasures!

  5. D. Kingsley Hahn

    Is this the same “taxi” story that had originally appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine back in the early 1980s?

    • Trent says it’s an expanded version of a novella that first appeared in Redbook. Somebody Owes Me Money is taxi-related, and was reprinted in Playboy. That’s definitely not the one you mean.

      I assume you reference Dream a Dream, which appeared in Cosmo in 1982. There’s one page of it (very hard to read) on The Official Westlake Blog. That’s described as a short story. I doubt that’s the one. But I can’t find any reference to anything published in Redbook. (What magazines didn’t he get in? He collected them the way he did publishers.)

      Paul Westlake presumably didn’t know about this one at the time he created that bibliography, and has not updated it since learning about this one. It really says something about Westlake’s output that even his progeny don’t know how much he wrote.

      Pleased to hear from you again, sir. How keep you? Have you remembered anything further about those Parker cameos in various pseudonymous sleaze paperbacks that Mr. Westlake once mentioned to you? Anything at all? Lawrence Block told me he knew nothing about any such salty escapades for our favorite anti-hilarity heister.

  6. D. Kingsley Hahn

    Larry may be pulling your leg, as he was also one of the “usual suspects” that frolicked back in “porn-land,” before the grass started getting greener elsewhere. It finally reached a point where Larry refused to autograph ANY of the porn books he had written in his hungrier years.

    I am unaware of the “Redbook” entry as well — I’ll have to have another look at my copy of the “Cosmopolitan” item, as I seem to remember it as being quite lengthy.

    More later —


    • These days, Mr. Block seems quite proud–I’m tempted to say obscenely so–of his sleaze output. However, I don’t take his answer as final. I’m wondering if there ever will be any final answer to the Riddle of Sleaze Parker.

      If you can provide one, my eternal gratitude shall be yours. Well, it already was.

      • Oh, and if anyone was wondering, nobody–not the Westlakes, not Block, not anyone Charles Ardai has spoken to–remembers a novel about two brothers who inherit an ice factory. Which doesn’t mean it’s not out there somewhere. But with regards to that rumor, we should probably chill. We’re getting another whole novel, and a completed one. Cool.

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